Variable Speed Drives

Variable Speed Drives

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Variable Speed Drives

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Altivar Variable Speed Drives  Single Phase & 3 Phase

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September 2022

Single Phase Drives :

(Single phase drives require an input single phase 230V the output must be to a 230V 3phase motor, not a single phase motor)

ATV312H055M2412  ATV312 0,55KW 240V R6 524,26
ATV312H075M2412 ATV312 0,75KW 240V R6 866,44
ATV312HU11M2412  ATV312 1,1KW 240V  R7 579,29
ATV312HU15M2412  ATV312 1,5KW 240V  R9 377,51
ATV312HU22M2412  ATV312 2,2KW 240V  R11 578,13

3 Phase 400V  Drives for pumps and fans

ATV610U07N4 ATV610, VSD IP20 0.75kW, 380/415V        R11 393,82
ATV610U15N4 ATV610, VSD IP20 1.5kW, 380/415V         R12 380,71
ATV610U22N4 ATV610, VSD IP20 2.2kW, 380/415V         R13 407,16
ATV610U30N4 ATV610, VSD IP20 3kW, 380/415V           R16 673,79
ATV610U40N4 ATV610, VSD IP20 4kW, 380/415V           R18 517,21
ATV610U55N4 ATV610, VSD IP20 5.5kW, 380/415V         R19 723,28
ATV610U75N4 ATV610, VSD IP20 7.5kW, 380/415V         R22 263,22
ATV610D11N4 ATV610, VSD IP20 11kW, 380/415V          R26 677,40
ATV610D15N4 ATV610, VSD IP20 15kW, 380/415V          R31 688,97
ATV610D18N4 ATV610, VSD IP20 18.5kW, 380/415V        R37 588,68
ATV610D22N4 ATV610, VSD IP20 22kW, 380/415V          R43 231,71
ATV610D30N4 ATV610, VSD IP20 30kW, 380/415V          R49 426,17
ATV610D37N4 ATV610, VSD IP20 37kW, 380/415V          R53 196,63
ATV610D45N4 ATV610, VSD IP20 45kW, 380/415V          R63 285,67
ATV610D55N4 ATV610, VSD IP20 55kW, 380/415V          R80 078,59
ATV610D75N4 ATV610, VSD IP20 75kW, 380/415V          R100 004,27
ATV610D90N4 ATV610, VSD IP20 90kW, 380/415V          R115 983,43
ATV610C11N4 ATV610, VSD IP20 110kW, 380/415V         R132 847,48
ATV610C13N4 ATV610, VSD IP20 132kW, 380/415V         R155 044,13
ATV610C16N4 ATV610, VSD IP20 160kW, 380/415V         R183 922,02