Contactors 40A to 95A 18,5kW to 45kW

Contactors 40A to 95A 18,5kW to 45kW

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LC1D** D Type Contactors 18,5kW to 45kW 40A to 95A

Stay smart with the world’s best-selling motor control solutions from the inventor of the world’s first contactor – Schneider Electric

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LC1D40ABNE  40A 18,5KW  3P   AC3    24-60V AC or DC
LC1D40AKUE  40A 18,5KW  3P   AC3 100-250V AC or DC
LC1D40AF7  40A 18,5KW  3P   AC3 110VAC
LC1D40AP7 40A 18,5KW  3P   AC3 230VAC
LC1D40AV7  40A 18,5KW  3P  AC3 400VAC
LC1D50ABNE  50A 22KW   3P  AC3 24-60V AC or DC
LC1D50AKUE  50A 22KW   3P  AC3 100-250V AC or DC
LC1D50AF7  50A 22KW   3P  AC3 110VAC
LC1D50AP7  50A 22KW  3P  AC3 230VAC
LC1D50AV7  50A 22KW  3P  AC3 400VAC
LC1D65ABNE 65A  30KW  3P  AC3 24-60V AC or DC
LC1D65AKUE 65A  30KW  3P  AC3 100-250V AC or DC
LC1D65AF7 65A  30KW  3P  AC3 110VAC
LC1D65AP7 65A  30KW  3P  AC3 230VAC
LC1D65AV7 65A  30KW  3P  AC3 400VAC
LC1D80ABNE 80A AC3  37KW  3P  24-60V AC or DC
LC1D80AKUE 80A AC3  37KW  3P 100 – 250V AC or DC
LC1D80AF7  80A AC3  37KW  3P  110VAC
LC1D80AP7  80A  AC3  37KW  3P  230VAC
LC1D80AV7  80A  AC3  37KW  3P  400VAC
LC1D80F7  80A AC3 37KW    3P 110VAC COIL
LC1D80P7  80A AC3 37KW   3P 230VAC COIL
LC1D80V7  80A AC3 37KW  3P 400VAC COIL
LC1D95F7 95A AC3 45KW   3P 110VAC COIL
LC1D95P7 95A AC3 45KW  3P  230VAC COIL
LC1D95V7 95A AC3 45KW   3P 400VAC COIL