Contactors 115A to 800A

Contactors 115A to 800A

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High current contactors from 115 A to 800 A for AC-3 (motor) applications and from 250 A to 1050 A for AC-1 (resistive) applications.

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Part No S / I Description
LC1G115EHEN 115A  3P Std48-130V ACDC
LC1G115KUEN 115A  3P Std100-250V ACDC
LC1G115LSEA 115 A  3PAdv200-500V ACDC
LC1G150EHEN 150A  3P Std48-130V ACDC
LC1G150KUEN 150A  3PStd100-250V ACDC
LC1G150LSEA 150A   3PAdv200-500V ACDC
LC1G185EHEN 185A  3P Std48-130V ACDC
LC1G185KUEN 185A  3PStd100-250V ACDC
LC1G185LSEA 185A   3PAdv200-500V ACDC
LC1G225EHEN 225 A  3P Std48-130V ACDC
LC1G225KUEN 225 A  3PStd100-250V ACDC
LC1G225LSEA 225A   3PAdv200-500V ACDC
LC1G265EHEN 265A   3P Std48-130V ACDC
LC1G265KUEN 265 A  3PStd100-250V ACDC
LC1G265LSEA 265 A  3PAdv200-500V ACDC
LC1G330EHEN 330A   3P Std48-130V ACDC
LC1G330KUEN 330A   3PStd100-250V ACDC
LC1G330LSEA 330A   3PAdv200-500V ACDC
LC1G400EHEN 400A   3P Std48-130V ACDC
LC1G400KUEN 400A   3PStd100-250V ACDC
LC1G400LSEA 400 A  3PAdv200-500V ACDC