Circuit Breakers 6kA “C” Curve Distribution

Circuit Breakers 6kA “C” Curve Distribution

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Acti9 circuit breakers 6kA

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Acti 9 Din Rail Mounted Circuit Breakers

6kA  “C”  curve circuit breakers  1A – 100A    1pole – 4pole
With 21 new patents & 5 generations of experience,
Acti 9 becomes the new reference 

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 1 – 100A

1P 2P 3P 4P
1A A9F64101 A9F64201 A9F64301 A9F64401
2A A9F64102 A9F64202 A9F64302 A9F64402
3A A9F64103 A9F64203 A9F64303 A9F64403
4A A9F64104 A9F64204 A9F64304 A9F64404
6A A9F64106 A9F64206 A9F64306 A9F64406
10A A9F64110 A9F64210 A9F64310 A9F64410
16A A9F64116 A9F64216 A9F64316 A9F64416 For Prices Click Here
20A A9F64120 A9F64220 A9F64320 A9F64420
25A A9F64125 A9F64225 A9F64325 A9F64425
32A A0F64132 A0F64232 A0F64332 A0F64432
40A A9F64140 A9F64240 A9F64340 A9F64440
50A A9F64150 A9F64250 A9F64350 A9F64450
63A A9F64163 A9F64263 A9F64363 A9F64463
80A A9N60708 A9N60711 A9N60714 A9N60717
100A A9N60709 A9N60712 A9N60715 A9N60718