Acti9 Contactors

Acti9 Contactors

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Din Standard Contactors
For Din Distribution Boards

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 Acti 9 iCT DIN rail contactors

      Acti 9 iCT 1 to 4 poles wide range of contactors

  • Rating: 20, 25, 40, 63 
  • Number of poles:  2P, 3P, 4P
  • Compliance with standards: EN 61095 and CEI 1095
  • Electrical endurance (O-C): 100,000 cycles 
  • Maximum number of switching operations a day: 100


  • Control and monitoring of electrical circuits in all industrial, commercial and residential buildings.
  • Control and monitoring of single- or three-phase loads up to 100A.
  • interface between the control gear & power circuits for final circuits such as lighting, heating,

  roller blind, watering system, ovens, utility motors: ventilation, heat pump etc.

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List Prices November 2022  Excluding VAT
Part No Description Price
A9C20732 ICT25A 2NO      230Vac R684,69
A9C20833 ICT 25A 3NO 220…240VAC 50HZ CONTACTOR R821,65
A9C20834 ICT25A 4NO       230Vac R1 014,21
A9C20838 ICT25A 2NO 2NC 220..240VAC 50HZ CONTACT R897,46
A9C20842 ICT 40A 2NO 220..240VAC 50HZ CONTACTOR R890,09
A9C20843 ICT 40A 3NO 220..240VAC 50HZ CONTACTOR R1 068,15
A9C20844 ICT 40A 4NO 220..240VAC 50HZ CONTACTOR R1 246,16
A9C20862 ICT 63A 2NO 220..240VAC 50HZ CONTACTOR R1 063,60
A9C20863 ICT 63A 3NO 220..240VAC 50HZ CONTACTOR R1 314,61
A9C20864 ICT63A 4NO              230Vac R1 533,75
A9C20868 ICT 63A 2NO 2NC 220..240VAC 50HZ CONTAC R1 063,60
A9C22824 iCT20A 4NO 220…240Vac 50HZ contactor R930,63