Monitoring & Control Relays

Monitoring & Control Relays

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Monitoring & Control Relays

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Control & Monitoring Relays..

A complete range of Control Relays combining simplicity, reliability and robustness

monitoring abnormal operating conditions on phase, current, voltage, frequency, speed or temperature,

the machine will not be allowed to run when a fault is occured.

It allows the user to initiate the necessary corrective actions before serious and costly breakdowns can occur. 

Phase control / Current control / Voltage control

Liquid level control / Frequency control / Speed control

Temperature control / Pump control

Suitable for a wide range of applications :
> Hoisting: construction cranes, Harbor
> Packaging: Motor voltage, current overload
> Lifts: construction lifts, passenger lifts, escalators
> Textile: motor voltage, current overload
> Water: liquid level at WWW recycling plant on a water tank

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