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Control your home from wherever you are
Legrand Netatmo

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 Control your home from wherever you are..

Arteor with Netatmo is a radio based solution for the connected home.

Switching Lights, Plugs and Blinds  in home and away from home.. setting different senarios, and programing home-away, sleep – awake which can switch on / off lights plugs open / close blinds etc..

arteor netatmo switchThere is no need for specific or extensive cabling no bus configuration.

SIMPLE, ADAPTABLE,  Arteor with Netatmo has been designed and developed as a simple solution to make every house more individual, convenient and secure.

Simple for planners,  Simple for installers, who are able to install the system without a great deal of effort or specialist knowledge.

Simple for users, who will find it convenient to operate, easy to extend and are able to make changes at any time.

This product can only be sold to Accredited Installers.   

To become an accredited installer contact 0215112025 email 

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