Mr McKenic Fast Dry Contact Cleaner

Mr McKenic Fast Dry Contact Cleaner

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Mr McKenic Fast Dry Contact Cleaner

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Mr McKenic – Contact Cleaner (Fast Dry)..

Cleans Electronic Parts

Removes dust, dirt and other small particles from PCB boards, motherboards, switchboards of CPUs, phones, ATM machines, credit card swipe machines and other electronic devices.

                                                          Improves Electrical Conductivity

Improves conductivity between contact points of power/data connectors,

battery connectors, switchboards, relays, cable connections and other terminal points.


Breaks down grease, grime, ink and other contaminants commonly found in electric motors, printer rollers, inkjet/toner cartridges, metal bearings and other moving metal parts.

                                                                     Removes Dirt & Flux

Cleans stubborn stains due to flux deposits, oxidation or corrosion from contact points exposed to weather conditions over prolonged periods.

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