Energy Meters Panel Mount 5000 Series

Energy Meters Panel Mount 5000 Series

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Energy Meters Panel Mount
5000 series

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Basic multi-function metering PM5000 Series

The PowerLogic™ PM5000 power meter is the ideal fit for cost management applications.

In a single 96 x 96 mm unit, with a graphical display, all three phases, neutral and ground can be monitored simultaneously. 

The bright, anti-glare display features large characters and powerful backlighting for easy reading even in extreme lighting conditions. 

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Cost management: Cost saving opportunities become clear once you understand
how and when your facility uses electricity.

The PowerLogic™ PM5000 series meters are ideal for:
Sub billing / tenant metering: allows a landlord, property management firm,
condominium association, homeowners association, or other multi-tenant property to
bill tenants for individual measured utility (electricity) usage. MID approved meters for
billing applications across Europe.
Cost allocation: allocate energy costs between different departments (HVAC,
indoor and outdoor lighting, refrigeration, etc), different parts of an industrial process
or different cost centres. Cost allocation systems can help you save money by making
changes to your operation, better maintaining your equipment, taking advantage of
pricing fluctuations, and managing your demand.