Ammeters & Voltmeters DC

Ammeters & Voltmeters DC

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Dc Analog Meters

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DC Ammeters and Voltmeters  ….  

housed in moulded polycarbonate cases..

Available sizes 48/ 72 / 96/144mm 

Available 90⁰ & 240⁰ movements..

Data Sheet DC meters 90⁰ “Click Here”

Data Sheet DC meters 240“Click Here”

* Equipment must be installed & maintained by suitably qualified person.

* If equipment is used in a manner not specified by the manufacturer, the protection provided by the equipment may be impaired.

* Instruments with damaged bezels or window glasses must be disconnected from mains.

* Back cover must be snapped into place for protection against accidental contact.

* Disconnect supply before replacing scales, bezels or window glasses.

* There are no user serviceable parts in this product. 

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DC Ammeters 90° Moving Coil Meter
Standard sizes 48×48  72×72  96×96   144×144
DSA48 DSA72 DSA96 DSA144
SHUNT OPERATED 50mV R590,00 R576,00 R590,00 R947,00
1 2,5 5 10A R590,00 R576,00 R590,00 R947,00
15 20A R603,00 R590,00 R639,00
25 30A R617,00 R610,00 R639,00
40 50A R639,00 R643,00
50 100 150 250µA R721,00 R702,00 R721,00
DC Voltmeters  90° Moving Iron Meter
Standard sizes 48×48  72×72  96×96   144×144
DSV48 DSV72 DSV96 DSV144
15 30 100 150 300 600V R590,00 R572,00 R590,00 R947,00