Easy Pact CVS Circuit Breakers 63 – 600A

Easy Pact CVS Circuit Breakers 63 – 600A

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Cost Effective Moulded Case Circuit Breakers

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EasyPact CVS

Molded-case circuit breakers from 63 to 600 A, with adjustable settings.

cost effective Simple just 2 frame sizes

Molded-case circuit breakers (MCCB) with adjustable settings, rated from 16 to 630 A, ideal for applications in small to medium-sized buildings.


“B” = 25kA  “F” = 36kA

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ZZA_LV510305 S CVS100B TM63D 3P3D R2 900,73
ZZA_LV510306 S CVS100B TM80D 3P3D R2 900,73
ZZA_LV510307 S CVS100B TM100D 3P3D R4 155,39
ZZA_LV510335 S CVS100F TM63D 3P3D R3 451,45
ZZA_LV510336 S CVS100F TM80D 3P3D R3 451,45
ZZA_LV510337 S CVS100F TM100D 3P3D R4 602,69
ZZA_LV516302 S CVS160B TM125D 3P3D R3 764,80
ZZA_LV516303 S CVS160B TM160D 3P3D R8 060,10
ZZA_LV516332 S CVS160F TM125D 3P3D R4 081,06
ZZA_LV516333 S CVS160F TM160D 3P3D R5 636,90
ZZA_LV525302 S CVS250B TM200D 3P3D R5 530,24
ZZA_LV525303 S CVS250B TM250D 3P3D R8 060,10
ZZA_LV525332 S CVS250F TM200D 3P3D R5 639,29
ZZA_LV525333 S CVS250F TM250D 3P3D R8 706,90
ZZA_LV540305 S CVS400F TM320D 3P3D R9 868,96
ZZA_LV540306 S CVS400F TM400D 3P3D R11 994,66
ZZA_LV563305 S CVS630F TM500D 3P3D R14 131,75
ZZA_LV563306 S CVS630F TM600D 3P3D R18 371,29