Current Transformers

Current Transformers

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Current Transformers

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Current Transformers & Split Core Transformers

Meeting the highest International Standards

each Current transformer has it’s own test certificate

perfect when using for metering

Data Sheet “Click Here”

Standards Rishabh transformers meet the highest international quality standards, IEC 60044-1,BS 3938.
Insulation 20% glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate case. Flame retardant grades classified UL94V-0.
Rated voltrage 720V
Test Voltage 4k Veff 50Hz 1 min
Operating frequency 5 or 1A
Rated burden 1,1.5,2.5,3.75,5,7.5,10,12.5,15, 20,30,45,60VA
Class of Accuracy 0.2, 0.2S for laboratory and kWh measuring 0.5, 0.5S for accurate measuring, kWh
1 for general measuring with switchboard instruments 3 for other not so accurate measuring Continuous over-current: 1.2 x In
Connection The secondary terminals have two connections on each side connections with M4 self clamp strap assembly easy to handle and securing low contact resistance.
Test certificate Provided along with individual CT

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Current Transformers IEC 60044-1 (BS7626)
XM62W 1/1A – 30/1A  5VA CL1. Wound Primary Type R502,00
XM62W 5/5A – 30/5A  5VA CL1. Wound Primary Type R444,00
XM14  30/1A & 40/1A 1VA CL1. ID:14mm R454,00
XM14  30/5A & 40/5A 1VA CL1. ID:14mm R393,00
XM21  50/1A – 80/1A 1.5VA – 2.5VA CL1. ID:21mm R385,00
XM21  50/5A – 80/5A 1.5VA – 2.5VA CL1. ID:21mm R342,00
XM30  100/1A – 400/1A 2.5VA – 7.5VA CL1. 30.5×10.5mm BAR R387,00
XM30  100/5A – 400/5A 2.5VA – 7.5VA CL1. 30.5×10.5mm BAR R342,00
XM40  250/1A & 300/1A 5VA CL1. 40.5x11mm BAR R490,00
XM40  400/1A – 600/1A 5VA – 10VA CL1. 40.5x11mm BAR R536,00
XM40  250/5A & 300/5A 5VA CL1. 40.5x11mm BAR R460,00
XM40  400/5A – 800/5A 5VA – 10VA CL1. 40.5x11mm BAR R485,00
XM50  300/5A – 500/5A 7.5VA CL1. 51×12.5mm BAR R593,00
XM50  600/5A & 800/5A 10VA CL0.5 51×12.5mm BAR R636,00
XM60  400/1A – 1200/1A 7.5VA – 20VA CL1. 61×12.5mm BAR R858,00
XM60  400/5A – 1200/5A 7.5VA – 20VA CL1. 61×12.5mm BAR R762,00
XM80  800/1A – 2000/1A 30VA CL1. 81×12.5mm BAR R1 000,00
XM80  800/5A – 2000/5A 15 – 30VA CL1. 81×12.5mm BAR R861,00
BR3 1200/1A & 1600/1A 15VA CL0.2. 110mm Diameter R950,00
BR3 2000/1A – 3000/1A 15VA – 30VA CL0.2. 110mm Diameter. R1 095,00
BR3 1200/5A & 1600/5A 15VA CL0.2. 110mm Diameter R916,00
BR3 2000/5A – 3200/5A 30VA CL0.2. 110mm Diameter R1 050,00
XM130V 3000/5A & 4000/5A 12.5VA CL1 128x38mm VERTICAL BAR R2 128,00
Summation C.T.   1+1/1A 10VA CL1 R1 216,00
Summation C.T.   5+5/5A 10VA CL1 R1 135,00
Summation C.T.   5+5+5/5A 10VA CL1 R1 526,00
Summation C.T.   5+5+5+5/5A 10VA CL1 R1 817,00
Summation C.T.  5+5+5+5+5/5A 10VA CL1 R2 144,00
Summation C.T.  5+5+5+5+5+5/5A 10VA CL1 R2 428,00
Split Core Current Transformers
100, 150, 200 & 250/5A – XS30 Opening 32x22mm R1 623,00
300, 400 & 500/5A – XS80 Opening 82x52mm R1 940,00
600, 800 & 1000/5A – XS80 Opening 82x52mm R2 233,00
1200, 1600 & 2000/5A – XS125 Opening 127x82mm R3 038,00
2500 & 3000/5A – XS125 Opening 127x82mm R3 757,00
4000/5A – XS160 Opening 162x82mm R5 966,00
5000/5A – XS160 Opening 162x82mm R6 234,00