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distribution boards surface mount


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IP65 Distribution enclosures

ABS version.

Halogen-free plastic materials.

Base and frame: ABS RAL 7035 grey.

Transparent window: PC tinted window, with UV protection.

CDN6PT 1x6 DIN rail 231x202x113
CDN8PT 1x8 DIN rail 231x238x118
CDN12PT 1x12 DIN rail 246x310x148
CDN18PT 1x18 DIN rail 286x418x148
CDN24PT 2x12 (24) DIN rail 436x310x148

Technical data

Degree of protection IP65*
Resistance to impact IK08
Glow wire resistance 650 ºC
Ball pressure test 70 ºC
Ambient temperature range -25 ºC / +40 ºC
Maximum operating voltage 1000 V AC / 1500 V DC

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