AC Analog Meters


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AC Analog Meters

AC Ammeters and Voltmeters  ....  

Maximum Demand Ammeters  .... 

Power Factor meters  ... Watt meters

Frequecy meters... Running Hour meters

Our meters are housed in moulded polycarbonate cases..

Available sizes 48/ 72 / 96/144mm

Available 90⁰ & 240⁰ movements

 Price list "Click Here"

Data Sheet AC ammeters 90⁰ "Click Here"

Data Sheet AC ammeters 240"Click Here"

Data Sheet Maximum Demand "Click Here"

* Equipment must be installed & maintained by suitably qualified person.

* If equipment is used in a manner not specified by the manufacturer, the protection provided by the equipment may be impaired.

* CTs must not be opened when on load.

* Instruments with damaged bezels or window glasses must be disconnected from mains.

* Back cover must be snapped into place for protection against accidental contact.

* Disconnect supply before replacing scales, bezels or window glasses.

* There are no user serviceable parts in this product. 







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